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Exile’s Return

March 1, 2012

…a body full of mind — a mind full of body…

As promised yesterday, today we go into the mechanics of “floating your Triplex.”

This brain-game is how we begin coaxing skull attic exiles down, to stop them from haunting their own lives and begin reclaiming those fabled lost kingdoms, their bodies.

Remember, a kid can play this game almost immediately because his/her body is always naturally present as simply being themselves. The much-vaunted term “mind/body unity” amounts to very little more, initially, than reestablishing childhood’s natural and full sense of self.

Most adults only pay attention to their insides if they hurt strangely or feel especially good. So, barring agony or ecstasy, the little exile inside the skull goes on year after year, crouching up there behind a pair of bleary eyes, forever scanning flat-screens at work, at home, in the palm of your hand, on TV, while watching movies, video gaming…

No more! Exile is over!

Floating Your Triplex

Traditionally, meditation comes at the end of a tough martial arts class, when sweaty students sit cross-legged on the floor, eyes shut, trying to control their panting. The rule says even the youngest must keep their eyes closed, so, for something to do alone in the dark, masters teach little whitebelts a mind/body-building game called Triplex.

Triplex can be played instantly, motionless, anywhere. Take a second to notice how the top of your head is feeling, right on the crown, then be sensitive to your ten fingertips, and lastly to the tips of all your toes. Now stay aware of all these feelings at once. “Stay” is how you play. From second to second, keep the high, middle and low levels of sensation — your triplex — balanced in one single simultaneous act of awareness.

Top of the head, tips of fingers and toes. Simple, right? You are cultivating possession of your own extremities. You are sizing yourself. We call this “floating your Triplex.” Do it until you can do it effortlessly. Takes only a very little practice. It is literally child’s play.

Oh, sure, occasionally a silly whitebelt announces it cannot be done. But, although you can only think productively of one thing at a time, your mind can easily be aware of feeling many different sensations at once. If you are nodding your head to the beat of a band, clapping your hands and tapping your foot, it is exactly because you feel all three sensations happening together that they are so much fun to do.

Tomorrow: Exile’s Triumph! We will review “rolling around your Midway,” plus: a bonus skill — How to Stand Up Forever and Never Get Tired.

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