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Dry to the Bone

February 15, 2012

Conformists worship sterility.

An unpleasant thought, but now that we’ve broached it…

How better to describe those who make by Law a civic virtue of banging your own sex and killing your own babies? Not much interest among conformists in advancing the human race, I take it? Do you suppose this explains tragic dying conformist-dominated Western Europe?

Well, conformists, be that as it may, your frigid self-loathing, although no doubt richly deserved personally, is, by and large, writ much too large in the public affairs of our plurality. The vast majority is Us, the ones who love our lives, love being human and want our kids to be, too, thank you.

Conformists always say they love animals, but that’s silly. Everybody knows conformists can’t love. Many of you have dated several or married some, so you know what I mean. No, what conformists really believe is animals are more important than people. Little babies are the enemy of Gaea.

Such a shame. Of course, it is an ancient truism that people who like animals too much like people too little. Sentimentality, dear PETA, is caring more for something than reality does. But it also explains why nowadays our offspring at government schools are not educated as children but trained like pets.

And, entre nous, I don’t care much for conformists.

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  1. Emmett Grayson permalink
    February 16, 2012 1:43 PM

    Indeed, sir, and so they peddle the illusion of “effective birth control” so that there will be ever more innocent lives to sacrifice on the altar of the damned goddess.

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