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Bouquet of Quotes

February 2, 2012

“These observations are to be considered not as unexceptionably constant, but as containing general and predominant truth.” — Samuel Johnson’s “Preface to Shakespeare”

“You and I, we’re puppets in the same sick play. We serve the same master, and he’s a lunatic, and he’s ungrateful, and there’s nothing we can do about it.” — Steven Segal in “Under Siege”

“The deepest essence of all godlessness is fear, and the sense of having lost the game.” — Franz Werfel’s “Forty Days of Musa Dagh”

“… they are enthralled by their own good will; they are people of fine feelings, and they dare not think lest the theraputic charm vanish.” — Lionel Trilling

“The need to be right — the sign of a vulgar mind.” — Albert Camus

“He’s so absent-minded, he thinks he’s pious.” — George “Gabby” Hays

“Our perogratives as men

Will be cancelled who knows when;

Still, I drink your health before

The gun-butt raps upon the door.”

— MacNeice’s 1936 toast

“The great misfortune, the root of all the evil to come, was the loss of faith in the value of personal opinion.” — Boris Pasternak

“Prejudices are the culture of the uneducated.” — Jean-Paul Sartre

“Protesting is the art of the talentless.” — Dennis Miller

“Get thee glass eyes;

And, like a scurvy politician,

Seem to see the things

thou dost not.” — “King Lear”

“If we are not lost soon, we can never be saved.” — Pre-Christian Greek saying

“You are lied to from birth. The first lie is there is no truth. And the second is that you are not lied to.” — Herbork


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