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The Lords of Life

August 8, 2013


“The Herd of Independent Minds”  –Harold Rosenberg

When is a conformist not the smartest guy in the room? When he’s there alone.

So privacy terrifies conformists even more than originality does. Not surprisingly, then, conformists embrace — they kneel before — the ideal of petabyte computational power used against the private lives of an arithmetic number of “naked” civilians.

That’d be you and me. Call us The Unclubables. We join no clubs.

Unclubables are not the professions we serve. We do this, that, and the other job, to get by. Within the infinity of our own private aspirations, however, we walk alone and always straight ahead, unblinkingly fixed on working our way up to a long-term goal whose consummation is fully understood to be impossible. Herman Melville named us isolatos and said of our ilk, they are “the true American type.”

Now, on the other hand, the conformists’ Holy Grail — this airless end-of-days dystopia — envisions a world when the State achieves absolute power to harmonize all waking human thought and actions: Complete Control.

Is it here yet? Certainly not, and not tomorrow, either, but soon, yes, and for sure. Only unmitigated global disaster can head it off now. It’s what uber-techies with limitless billions of tax dollars on hand like to call — to only the right people, in strictest privacy — “doable.”

Worse, no simply political solution exists to what is essentially a medieval mass hysteria spread on contact through social media — a millennial religion for urbanites in dying over-crowded cities where they are taught to hate God and worship sterility.

Nietzsche foresaw the future rise to power of some new post-Christian profession equal in influence to lawyers, doctors, priests, and politicians. At last, they are among us — anti-god, anti-life, anti-beauty, anti-love — black-clad preceptors of a global culture of dark-and-edgy conformists busy hacking into what Sigmund Freud recognized as the Universal Human Death Wish.

This cold-blooded bathing in filth for its own sake is exactly what Unclubable Americans are organically dumb to and incapable of grasping. They wonder, in all seriousness, as the skies further darken over us, What the hell do these people think they are doing?

What do you suppose the international elite talk about at all those ultra-high summits, smothered in secrecy, where every stripe of political, social, and economic world leader come together? Try to imagine what possible message can be uniting in one attentive audience those exact same sworn enemies whose warring factions are presently tearing our planet to pieces.

The answer happens to be an open secret. The people who run the world today are consulting with those new professionals who will end it on some tomorrow within a foreseeable future. Power and Vision are arranging for the suicide of the human race.

New professionals are frigid and fearless post-humanists who stand for the elect’s secret comprehension of the approaching end of history.  Think of them as undertakers, here to manage our gradual “scientific” extinction.

They do this 24/7. What else can they do? You think putting a man on the moon was complicated and took long-term planning? Try removing all the men on Earth. You don’t understand. You’re not “scientific.”

People, you see, aren’t going anywhere. Inter-stellar space travel is “unscientific.” So this is it. And natural resources, in the long run, are “scientifically” unsustainable. Be it sooner, be it later, the human race is kaput, and controlled Massive Die-Off must eventually be instigated worldwide by the new self-anointed Lords of Life.

Won’t be pretty, of course, but imagine how humble and yet proud of themselves those Lords will feel at day’s end.  A relative handful of trillionaire superheroes of, say, five different sexes will, at least, have given the rest of us a dignified and orderly demise. Some among them will feel it is almost more than we deserve.

Does an Unclubable like you still doubt the necessity? Of course, you do. But what is your alternative?

The only possible alternative to Death Camp Earth happens to be Pain Planet — whole civilizations guttering out over monstrously savage years of human suffering on a scale beyond comprehension, from family-to-house-to-neighborhood-to-city-to-state-to-nation-to-pole-to-pole, as hysterical populations fight to the death over the last ham sandwich. Or, whatever.

So now surely even Unclubables must understand why, someday, for our own good, the conformists must smother us in our sleep, after first making sure all of us are dreaming together the identical lovely implant-chip dreams of once having been free in a green world whose name only now, looking back from its final dark edge, do we realize was always simply “Love.”

Afloat through moonlight sky in quiet gondolas the color of stars, the Lords will lie awake in the dark, perhaps savoring the dry “scientific” ecstasy of snuffing out God’s choicest creation. Try to understand why, as the world dies, the last Lords of Life must live on as ultra-pampered super-beings. How else can they console themselves for the pitiful hard work they must do to serve Gaea’s best interests?

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  1. Emmett permalink
    August 10, 2013 10:28 AM

    Chillingly but deadly accurate.

  2. August 30, 2013 8:11 PM

    No problem was ever solved by ignoring it, and evil only worsens if it is not noted and confronted.

    And that process starts with the evil one themself making their initial negligent mistake, then deciding to not correct it, but to falsely protect it by claiming intent (“Screw you! I meant to do that! Nyah!”) thus turning common negligence into criminal negligence, and a simple mistake into an ongoing sin. It happens when they fear being proven wrong more than agreeing to the responsibility of becoming right; they want the false right to always be seen as right no matter what they actually do. They know they’re wrong, but they pretend the cognitive pain they cause them selves knowing it, is also some sort of agreement they made with their potential victims, (everyone else) too.

    All liberals are libertine infantile delinquent criminal negligents who insist they can have subjective rights without objective responsibilities to others, and who always look for excuses to avoid free-will self-reliant responsibility, usually by embracing an idolatrous mythos of helpless victimology and predeterminism.

    Like all criminals, they want the fake right to remain irresponsibly wrong – and the more wrong they want to remain, the louder they’ll screech whenever anyone notices them!

    They don’t want any limits, ever, period. They’d like to pretend there is never any free-will choice, so they’re never responsible for anything they do; after all – they fraudulently, slanderously claim – “evil isn’t evil because we a (you) all do it too!” because we’re really all only helpless victims – of our environments, of society, of being slaves of allah, etc (!) Their god is might-made-right pre-determinism, which excuses all their crimes!

    All masochistic liberals cause them selves (and innocent others) pain first, because it gives them the illusion of control over at least their additional fears of that pain; suicide ends both the fear of pain and the pain that causes theirs fears, and that’s what liberals are all about!

    Liberalism evinces all the symptoms of the Stockholm Syndrome, where, to survive, the criminals’ victims sympathetically adopt the criminals’ points of view, seeking to defuse and assuage their fears by making their captors feel safe, and to neutralize their greed by attempting to make them feel happy, respectively; they enslave themselves to their criminal captors.

    They attack Western civilization in favor of groveling before the barbaric criminal savages of islam, trying to deflect the criminals’ attentions from themselves, and onto the other victims, by basically asserting:

    “See?! I didnt’ do it! ONLY THE (rest of the White, Western, middle class 1%ers) GROUP did it! Whee!”

    The reason they shoot cowards in wartime, is because cowards are also usually traitors.

    And what was their initial mistake – that one which even the vaunted great scientific mind, Einstein, fell for, (as evinced by his and Freud’s “Why War?” conclusions) you might ask?

    Well, liberals always insist on using their main cause-and-effect denying predeterminism alibi to excuse their fear of self-reliant personal responsibility, which is that there’s such a diverse multiplicity of causes and effects that we can never really know anything for sure (they’re not evil criminals, ever, always only deluded victims and dupes, you see) to such an extent that all semmingly objective facts are really only ever subjective opnions, and in fact all opinins are the diversely-opposite equals to anyone else’s facts. Humans are stupid and fallible, potentially dangerous animals because it’s an absolute (or, as Herb puts it here, “sceintific”) fact that there are absolutely no absolute facts. Period.

    So their main mistake is simply that, as all the the Statists of both parties (conformists; collectivist group-might-makes-rights-oriented extortionist gangsters) always reverse the onus of proof to guilty until never proven innocent – asserting that people need a strong invasive all-encompasing goverment force in their lives, to micro-manage them, because humans are all fallible weak helpless victims and so also potentially disfunctional criminals.

    Humans can’t be trusted, so large gangs of fallible, disfunctional, untrustworthy humans is the obvious solution!

    Globalization is key, because, as in islam, once everyone’s been successfully Pacified, subdued, terrorized and conquere, we will finally have the peace we all deserve – the safely static peace of the grave.

  3. August 31, 2013 5:22 PM

    PS: As you already know, Herb, a similarly-themed article was re-posted here: from which one of the more disturbing lines was:

    “So Wall Street joined with the government on a crash course to “relieve” the American middle class of all equity (their money, businesses by over regulation and land via eminent domain) in order to complete the task of the big government globalist – controlling the population through the manipulated word “fairness.”

    To modern Global totalitarian Conformists (criminal extortionists, like their previous communazi incarnation) “Fairness” is the criminal’s usual credo: equality of outcome vs. equality of opportunity (exactly as Karl Marx first defined it)!

    Allah-blaming, idolatrously moribund Islam embodies this corruption, and Karl Marx incited it anew with his claims of “From each according to their ability, to each according to his needs!” meme – which of course only induced in all sane buy-you-low to sell-me-high opportunistic capitalists the desire to underplay their abilities while over-emphasizing their needs! Hence the obvious results today of us all being surrounded by whiny infantile delinquent trolls of all ages, and their natrratives of entitlement, endlessly demanding rights without responsibility!


    Equality of outcome means, “you owe me because you earned stuff I didn’t bother to!” while equalityof opportunity means “You have the chance to try to succeed, and the chance of failing, all on your own” where rights to try only come with the responsibility to accept failure if you aren’t good enough.

    Criminals always demand rights (like, to your stuff,) without responsibility (like, of having to earn it or pay for it).

    Similarly, (and more basically) these infantile delinquents demand hopes (of no pain) without having to acknowldege their fears (of those pains) in order to discover how to neutralize all those fearsome pains.

  4. September 1, 2013 3:29 PM

    Introducing Baron Obamadhi – America’s undertaker. Re: “This cold-blooded bathing in filth for its own sake is exactly what Unclubable Americans are organically dumb to and incapable of grasping. They wonder, in all seriousness, as the skies further darken over us, What the hell do these people think they are doing?”

    We don’t understand the Conformist gangsters’ point of view – that all people are just “Haters!” who must be eliminated – because they only voice the relfected fears of their own chosen (hater) point of view at us anyway: they can’t (and so, pretend they won’t, and don’t have to) explain it, “because we know what we’ve done/what we’re guilty of to have earned their ire anyway” because their inarticulation is predetermined by the fact that they are really only attacking their victims (everyone else) BY slanderously blaming them first.

    All fear-focused criminals (“Liberals”) believe the best defense is a good offense, while sane civilized folk realize the best defense is a good defense.

    That’s how & why most cowards are also traitors.

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